For Investors

Providing a fine selection of startups previously checked by general worthiness criterias.

For Entrepreneurs

Sharing VG3 Project Screening Method and VG3 PQQ aiming to maximalize investment opportunities.

Within the framework of our ongoing assignment given by a Local Government in Pest County Hungary VG3 is creating a Startup ecosystem of Hungarian and CE Europe entrepreneurs.

From Rubic Cube to the reigning innovation of Prezi, Hungary has been a European hotspot for innovations, which fact seems to be underlined by current field experience and observations of VG3, therefore Hungary qualifies for the best place for a CE Europe HQ for a consulting such as VG3.

Demand and supply for private equity transactions and venture capital investments would appear as a simple match in the world of fast-moving infotech societies, but the ever-different status quo and language spoke of investors and entrepreneurs brings the startup intermediation consulting sector alive.

We always encourage our distinguished Clients to express their Profession of Faith in one simple sentence, but now here’s how VG3’s Profession of Faith goes like:
„VG3 is the common language between Startup Entrepreneurs and Investors.”


And how do we create the alignment of money and strong teams with strong projects?

It’s with VG3 Project Screening Method and VG3 Preliminary Qualification Questionnaire.

As transaction lawyers, we keep saying that IP shall be locked up at all costs, but as a welcomed guest of our website please feel free to have a quick overview on what VG3 Project Screening Method and VG3 Preliminary Qualification Questionnaire are meant to serve in our company.


VG3 Project Screening Method

  • means the standards of general worthiness criteria based upon investor requests
  • is the way how we treat our agents, clients, and investors by means of cooperation


VG3 Preliminary Qualification Questionnaire

  • is a huge amount of relevant information on the target company gathered by us creating a clear picture of the investment
  • is a major red-flag feedback for entrepreneurs missing important parts of the investor value proposition or the investor deck.

It matters nothing whether it is investing or seeking investment when people are aiming common purpose but speaking a different language they need an interpreter.

We are not the interpreter, but the common language itself for communication between investors and startups.